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The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Myers hits back at inaccuracy jibes
July 22, 2008, 6:57 pm
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Jonathan Rhys Myers, the star of the BBC’s drama series The Tudors, has hit back at claims that the series is not historically accurate.


The lavish period soap, set during the reign of Henry VIII, has been criticised for twisting the facts and changing the ages, names and even sexuality of its characters to suit its dramatic purpose.

But in an interview with the Radio Times, Rhys Meyers calls on viewers and critics to take it less seriously.

“We’re not making a documentary for universities,” said the Irish actor who plays the lead role.

“Having actors with an appealing look is what an audience demands today – especially when there’s quite a bit of sexual activity involved.”

Set in the turbulent 1530s, the new series deals with tumultuous events surrounding Henry VIII’s attempts to have his marriage annulled so that he can wed Anne Boleyn.

It is likely to cause most uproar because it stars Peter O’Toole as Pope Paul III, opposing the move which eventually led to the creation of the Church Of England.

Historians will be bound to point that Pope Paul III did not take up the position until after the split when Anne Boleyn was already Queen.

The pope who refused to let Henry divorce his first wife and then excommunicated him was Paul’s predecessor, Clement VII.


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