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Natalie Dormer Compares Anne to The Late Princess Diana
March 27, 2008, 8:10 pm
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Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne, found it easy to see her as a contemporary. She says there were strong likenesses between her character and a more recent British royal beauty: Diana, Princess of Wales.

“They were both incredibly image-conscious,” says Dormer, 26, who was sitting in a dressing room, wearing a 16th-century-style ivory dress. “Anne Boleyn shook up the court in an aesthetic way.”

Just like Diana, who used glamour to court the news media, Dormer says, Anne made it clear that she was bringing “a certain je ne sais quoi, a sophistication” to the court. So far, the historical Anne and the Showtime Anne have not noticeably diverged. (She really did contract and survive what was known as the sweating sickness.) But anything can happen.

Anne will do historically accurate things, like marrying Henry, giving birth to a daughter (the future Elizabeth I), losing her husband to Jane Seymour and losing her head to the executioner. The season will also bring Thomas More’s fall from grace, which really occurred.

Just the other day Hirst swore that there would be no further historical adjustments this season, at least nothing significant that he could think of.

Oh, except the plot to kill Anne Boleyn. He invented that to illustrate how much the English people hated her.


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